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Pittsburgh Contractor Prioritizes Sustainable Demolition Practices

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania:  Bella Contracting Services, an industry-leading demolition contractor in the Pittsburgh area, is implementing sustainable practices across all of its projects.  From interior residential demolition to major commercial demolition sites, the company is committed to salvaging reusable materials, properly disposing of hazardous waste, and decreasing its carbon footprint.  


Founded by Ben Raabe more than two decades ago, Bella Contracting Services is a highly regarded and experienced demolition company specializing in complex residential, commercial, and industrial projects.  Bella’s crews foreground professionalism, honesty, quality, and efficiency in every aspect of their work, but in recent years Raabe has also become increasingly aware of the need to prioritize sustainability in the demolition industry.  


“There’s a lot to consider when it comes to finding innovative solutions to minimize pollution and overall environmental impact in our line of work,” says Raabe.  “But we are proud to be doing our part and leading the way for other demolition companies to do the same.”  He points out that even small changes can have a significant impact, highlighting some of the simple, sustainable solutions Bella Contracting Services is currently adopting, such as reducing vehicle idling times and minimizing travel distances where possible.  


In addition to these initiatives, Bella is also working toward sustainable outcomes in other ways.  The company reclaims and salvages a variety of products throughout the demolition process.  Wood, insulation, metal, aggregates, and bricks are all materials that can often be reused.  In cases where materials aren’t reclaimable, Bella works to find recycling solutions and is particularly careful about limiting exposure to and properly disposing of any potentially hazardous materials.  The company also aims to reduce noise pollution whenever possible and manages dust to avoid negative environmental and health impacts.  


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Ben Raabe

Over the past two decades, I've been building a team of experts at Bella Contracting Services, LLC that is fully equipped to handle any construction and demolition project. As the CEO and founder, I'm passionate about delivering quality general contracting, structural demolition, renovations, additions, and construction management services to our clients throughout the United States.

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