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Bella Contracting is a professional general contracting and construction management company. We execute commercial and residential projects throughout New Jersey, including Bergen County, Middlesex County, Essex County, and every other county in the Garden State.

We manage every aspect of our client’s construction initiatives, ensuring delivery of their project on time, budget, to specification and of the highest quality. Our many years of experience, working on a wide breadth and depth of projects allows us to provide clients the highest level of craftsmanship, while reducing cost through our streamlined processes and knowledge. Let us show you our worry-free path to successful delivery of your construction dream as we have done so for many clients since 2000.

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Why Choose Us

We’ve got over twenty years of experience in this industry, successfully driving construction projects of all sizes and types (new, renovation, demolition, etc.) from permits to certificates of occupancy and beyond.  During this time, we have learned a lot that allows us to provide our clients with landmark quality, cost savings and efficiencies that cannot be matched.

Your project, property and people’s safety are our top priorities, thus we are fully insured, licensed, and bonded in the State of New Jersey. With our knowledge of the industry and by-laws in the Garden State, we can handle every element of your project.

General contractors oversee every element of complex construction, renovation, and demolition projects. When you need new plumbing, you hire a plumber. When you need a new electrical system, you hire an electrician. When you need plumbing, electrical, construction, clean-up, and more, you hire a general contractor.

When you hire Bella Contracting for a project in New Jersey, we take care of everything, from acquiring permits, materials, scheduling of resources and services, inspections, and more. Here are some of the services we provide:

Before construction begins, we’ll hire subcontractors, coordinate schedules, contact material suppliers, and secure all necessary permits. We’ll stay in communication with all stakeholders throughout the project. We are your point people for any questions you may have about project status, timeframes, budget, and what to expect next.

When you work with Bella Contracting, we supply all liability insurance and worker’s compensation, thus removing this financial burden and concern and placing it on us, Bella. You can take additional comfort in knowing we have earned a very high safety record and continue to work with our team to ensure this continues.

We’re on-site during the entire project. We supervise all work being done by subcontractors, taking full responsibility for their safety and ensuring that all of their work is on spec, to code, and of high quality. This includes ensuring that everyone is following manufacturer guidelines during construction to guarantee that you’re protected by warranties, and that the building is both safe and functional.

Our company handles any issues onsite, including scheduling conflicts, safety concerns, procuring missing materials, and any other unexpected events. We take the lead on the entire project, and subcontractors come to us with any questions or challenges they encounter.

Unfinished Home Framing Interior

Once construction is completed, we handle all cleanup. We’ll continue to be available to you post-construction if you have any questions or concerns.

The builder cleans the floor from dust with a construction vacuum cleaner.

General Contractors Vs. Subcontractors, Prime Contractors, and Construction Managers

General contractor, main contractor, and prime contractor are all interchangeable terms – read the section above if you want to get a better understanding of what a general contractor does.

Construction managers differ from general contractors in that they’re hired by the owner of a business and paid a fee, rather than a lump sum to tackle the entire project. They’re usually hired earlier on in the process and may work directly with architects, or even help the project owner find an architect.

Subcontractors are people who are paid to complete part of another entity’s contract. Simply, general contractors are paid a lump sum to complete the whole project, from procuring supplies to completing construction. Subcontractors are people like carpenters, electricians, and plumbers – they’re hired by the general contractor to fulfill their specific, individual component of the project.

What Type of Contractor Do I Need?

Is your project a one-professional job? A subcontractor (who in this case would just be called a contractor) is the way to go.  If you just need to change your plumbing, for example, you can hire a plumber directly – you don’t need a general contractor.

If you’re looking to pay a lump sum fee to professionals who will handle every aspect of a more complex construction or renovation project, you’ll want a general contractor. This is especially true if you’ve already hired an architecture and engineering firm to design your project.

If you’re looking to pay someone a fee to find architects, designers, engineers, plumbers, electricians, and other contractors for you, you might want a construction manager. When hiring a construction manager, expect more of your time to be taken up by the project, as you have to approve and pay the fees of each subcontractor.

The team at Bella is made up of skilled craftspeople. This means we can rely on our in-house craftspeople for a wide variety of tasks, lowering our overall costs and ensuring the quality of our work. Our site managers are skilled craftspeople, too – after all, the best site managers have years of experience on the ground.

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We’ve worked as general contractors on commercial sites throughout New Jersey. We handle everything: procuring supplies, hiring subcontractors, excavation, overseeing the site, cleanup, and more. Whether you’re looking to renovate an existing commercial site or to build a new one, you can count on us.

Call us for general contracting for commercial projects in New Jersey, including:

  • New commercial constructions
  • Commercial renovations
  • Add-a-levels
  • Additions
  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Office buildings
  • Apartment buildings
  • Multi-unit housing

New Residential Construction

We offer general contracting services for new residential constructions in New Jersey. You give us the plans – we handle the rest.

New residential construction home framing against a blue sky

How Long Does it Take to Build a House in New Jersey?

Construction of a new home in New Jersey can take anywhere from 6-18 months, though the process generally takes less than a year. Various factors can affect the time it takes to construct a house, including:

  • Whether it’s a production house or a custom house (custom houses take longer)
  • Whether or not the client changes what they want during the process
  • Uncontrollable factors like weather
  • The contractors you hire

Hiring an experienced general contractor like Bella Contracting can help expedite the homebuilding process.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a New House in New Jersey?

The cost of building a house in New Jersey can vary substantially. Without accounting for the price of land, the cost of building a house in New Jersey varies from ~$130 per square foot to ~$300 per square foot or more. The price itself depends on a wide variety of factors, including:

  • The materials used
  • The number of stories
  • Whether or not the house is custom designed
  • The qualities of the land being built on (steep, oddly shaped, etc.)
  • The contractors you hire
  • The time of season
  • And much more

The best way to know how much a house will cost is to have the plans drawn up. From there, you can show them to a general contractor like Bella Contracting to get an idea of the cost.

Unfinished Home Framing Interior


A solid foundation is central to any construction project, be it commercial or residential. At Bella Contracting, we can build a new foundation or repair and restore existing foundations. Our hard-working team can perform structural repairs, foundation crack repairs, basement floor repairs, inspections, and more. We can waterproof the basements of buildings and perform other renovations, as well.

Don’t let your foundation fail you – call Bella Contracting for new foundations and foundation repairs in New Jersey!

Disaster Relief & Home Elevation​

New Jersey is a beautiful state – but sadly, we’re no strangers to disaster. Flooding and hurricane season have only become worse over the years, and that makes immediate disaster relief an absolute necessity.

When your home or business has been devastated by floods, fires, or any other disasters, there’s no time to wait. You need a contractor who can take action immediately. You need Bella Contracting.

We offer same-day emergency services 24 hours a day. These services include emergency demolition to preserve the portions of the building that we can and keep everyone safe. We provide emergency repairs for both commercial and residential clients.

Want to decrease the risk of flooding damage to your home? We offer home elevation services. With this service, we extend your existing foundation or create a new foundation, lifting your home above even extreme flood levels. This technique protects homes from all but the most severe floods – floods you’ll only see every 500 years. Want more protection? We may be able to elevate your home even further.

At Bella Contracting, we’re here to help you protect what matters most.


Yes. To offer any general contracting services in New Jersey, a contractor must register with the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs and obtain a license. Many municipalities in New Jersey also require contractors to obtain surety bonds to become licensed.

A Notice of Completion informs subcontractors and parties with mechanics liens of the end date of a construction project. It’s a technical document that shortens the time that parties with mechanics liens have to file claims. A mechanic’s lien ensures that the party holding the lien is guaranteed payment.

As soon as possible. Years ago, the standard was to bring a general contractor into the project after having consulted with architects and engineers. Today, many projects hire general contractors during the pre-construction phase. Having a general contractor brings valuable construction experience to the planning stages of the project.

There are 5 basic types of service contracts in general contracting:

  • Lump sum contracts, in which all costs, including profits for the general contractor, are calculated as a lump sum and paid by the project owner.
  • Time and material (T&M) contracts, in which materials are paid as they’re purchased by the project owner, and contractors are paid an hourly or daily rate.
  • Cost-plus contracts, in which the owner pays for all of the costs of the contract (as they’re incurred), then pays the general contractor a percentage of those costs.
  • Unit price contracts, in which the total work on a project is divided into units, and each unit is paid for before it’s completed.
  • Guaranteed maximum price (GMP) contracts, in which a maximum price is established. Should the general contractor incur costs that go beyond this maximum price, they are the responsibility of the GC, not the project owner.
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When you choose a commercial or residential contractor to handle your project from start to finish, you only want the best. With thousands of projects under our belt, we know what it takes to tackle any project, from simple home renovations to the most challenging, complex job sites. To complete your project professionally, safely, and efficiently, get in contact with us today!

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Our team of construction & demolition professionals are always happy to speak with you and value your business. We are trained to handle any requests that you may have.

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