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As your general contractor, we work closely alongside you to efficiently and safety execute your construction plan. With over two decades of contracting experience, we provide services for the most modern, luxury, and complex job sites in all of New Jersey. Our industry competence and experience leads to projects completed with the highest levels of safety, value, and quality. Working alongside us, you can handle everything required to modernize, renovate, restore, inspect, or demolish your property.

With a full team of demolition specialists, Bella Contracting Services is an expert leader in the industry. We deliver industry expertise, quality services, specialized machinery, and safety practices to get your demolition job done quickly and professionally. Whether you need demolition on your garage, shed, deck, or pool, we are here to help. We can even assist you in the safe demolition of entire homes or commercial buildings. Furthermore, we can cater to all your needs in selective, interior, exterior, mechanical, or full building demolition. No project is too big or too small.

Additional space is a desirable quality in any home or commercial building. With our professional residential & commercial addition services, you can easily add on some extra room to relax, entertain, breathe, and enjoy. For commercial spaces, we can even help you add-a-level to your business facility. Depending on your preferences, we can help you professionally build out, build up, or build a unit that is detached from your property entirely. With hundreds of additions completed, our team can help you build the home you have always wanted and deserved.

Our trusted construction team can help you throughout even the most challenging phases of your renovations and remodeling projects. Whether you need a new floor, level, bathroom, basement, or kitchen designed, Bella Contracting has the knowledge and experience to help you navigate the process. Contact us today to transform your home or commercial building with a renovations and remodeling contractor.
When you need to build a quality, beautiful, state of the art, home or commercial building, Bella Contracting is here to help. With our extensive design & build experience, we provide you with everything need to take your project from conception to completion. We combine undivided responsibility, collaboration, and professionalism to deliver the best results for our clients. Let our professional team help you bring your unique structural designs to life today.

Water damage is a property owner’s worst nightmare. Whether it comes from a flooded basement, sewer backup, or something else, it can damage your personal property, the foundation of your building, and more. If your home has been exposed to flood damage or any other water damage, call us. We can help. Water damage often occurs before we can get rid of the water in your building. We offer water restoration services. Our water damage restoration process is comprehensive – we’ll have your building looking as good or better than it did before water damage occurred.
Worried about water damage? Call us right away.

Water damage ceiling

Standing water can adversely affect the structural integrity of your property. At Bella Contracting, we can install a variety of drainage systems, from a French drain to a dry well. Our contractors will assess the unique dimensions and environment of your building to determine which storm drain will be most effective.

Drainage issues lead to extensive property damage. These events are often caused by flooding that occurs after a major storm. With a storm drain, you can remove water quickly and completely before your home or business is impacted by water damage.

A storm drain serves to divert the water flow away from your building. If water is not removed, it will lead to mold growth, which can cause respiratory symptoms for those with sensitivities. Water with contaminants in it may contain harmful bacteria and viruses. Our drainage systems will redirect water to protect your health and safety.

When installing these systems, we start by determining the slope and elevation of your property. We’re always careful to avoid damaging the landscape during the digging process; each utility line is marked before we dig.

Excess water won’t be a problem after we install a storm drain. We only use high-quality materials that will last, like PVC piping, metal grates, filter fabrics, and more. These systems effectively mitigate water damage and mold growth.

Storm drain

At Bella Contracting, there’s no project that we can’t handle. Our contractors utilize a fleet of 12 excavation machines, with capacities from 6,000 to 80,000 lbs. This includes equipment like hydraulic hammers, skid steers, grapple buckets, and more. With these tools, we’re prepared to take on any excavation project.

We have two decades of experience with excavation site work and project management. Our services include:

  • Land clearing & grading. With our land clearing services, we’ll remove any obstructions that stand in the way of your new construction—this includes trees, rocks, bushes, and more. Our grading services ensure that water will drain properly from your building, which will prevent flooding and other moisture issues. When you schedule our grading and clearing services, you can significantly improve the appearance and value of your site.
  • Foundation excavation. A building is only as strong as its foundation. To erect a stable structure, you need to ensure that the ground it’s built upon is level, free of voids, and firm. Our excavation services will prepare the earth for your upcoming construction project. With our heavy-duty equipment, we can develop land for industrial-sized buildings.
  • Underground utilities. Whether you’re repairing faulty gas lines or installing new underground utilities, our excavation services can help. We only use precise and reliable equipment to perform this work. Before any project begins, we mark each line to avoid damaging any underground utilities.

From residential to commercial site excavation, our team has what it takes to provide high-quality services.


If you’re designing a new structure, one of the first steps is building the framework. But which material will be best suited for your project? At Bella Contracting, we offer metal framing installation services that will reinforce your building against strong winds, extreme weather conditions, and insect damage.

Metal framing has a few distinct advantages over wood:

  • Moisture resistance. Metal stud framing won’t rot, expand, or shrink from fluctuating humidity levels. It holds strong in a range of climates.
  • Sustainability. Unlike wood materials, you won’t need to cut down trees to produce metal. The material itself is also completely recyclable. This makes metal frames a greener choice for eco-conscious consumers.
  • Strength. Concerned about the impact of gale force winds? With a metal frame, you won’t need to worry. These structures can reliably withstand intense wind and other trying weather conditions. Metal frames are insect resistant; the material can’t be damaged by termites and carpenter ants.
  • Affordability. In most cases, metal frames are more affordable than wood ones. You’ll pay a lower cost and get enhanced durability.


When reinforced with drywall, metal framing becomes soundproof and highly insulated. Depending on the level of noise proofing that you require, we can use different types of drywall.

We can adapt your metal framing to suit a range of shapes and structures; when working with curved walls, we’ll use thinner pieces of drywall.

Metal frames are suitable for a range of projects, from residential to industrial construction. This material is impervious to fire, rot, and temperature fluctuations. Our professional metal frames are built to last.

metal framing
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