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Demolition Services Louisville

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Bella Contracting provides demolition services of all kinds in Louisville, KY.  We have been serving customers for more than 20 years. We have provided services to residential, commercial, industrial, and governmental entities. We are a full-service business with highly qualified Louisville demolition specialists. We set high standards and hire the right people. Every project we work on prioritises safety and meticulousness.

Whether you need a building completely demolished or just a small task completed, our skilled team is here to help. We’ll help you dispose of every last piece of debris after the demolition is finished. We have successfully completed hundreds of projects, and we are fully committed to making sure that each and every one of our clients is satisfied. We have the best demolition experts in the business. By now, you’re tired of searching the web for demolition contractor near meGive us a call right away! Let’s discuss the specifics of your project so that we can decide the best course of action for you.

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Our team of construction & demolition professionals are always happy to speak with you and value your business. We are trained to handle any requests that you may have.

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Structural Demolition

There is a particular joy that comes with providing demolition services. Your road is clear of everything that was in the way. We are able to complete large and difficult projects thanks to our advanced construction techniques and cutting-edge machinery.

No matter how complex or delicate your project may be, we will be prepared to handle it. We confidently tackle difficult challenges in a cost effective manner. We take everything into account, such as:

  • Which walls are being loaded?
  • Is land clearing and/or junk removal required?
  • Which instruments are ideal for this project?
  • Are there any materials that contain asbestos?
demolition louisville ky

Selective Demolition

When you require a demolition contractor, it’s not always because you want to take down an entire structure. Sometimes, you just need a few walls removed. Demolition services don’t always involve a bulldozer that brings a building to its knees. We can work with you to remove only select areas of a house or commercial structure while keeping the main structure intact with the highest level of care.

Interior Demolition

Before remodelling your home or commercial structure, it is vital to remove the obsolete materials. We are able to care for the walls, ceiling, and flooring. No matter if you only need a portion of a building knocked down or the entire structure, our demolition specialists will be prepared to offer quality service for the job.

interior demolition louisville
exterior demolition

Exterior Demolition

Building salvage is not always an option. To ensure public safety, it can be necessary to demolish a piece of a damaged structure. We have fully bonded, licenced, and insured each and every one of our demolition contractors. We can make your structure safer by fixing any structural issues.

Commercial Demolition

With structures of this size, there are a lot of risks involved. Jobs like these require caution and care. Commercial demolition services in Louisville demands strategic planning and specialized equipment. A few examples of buildings we demolish in Louisville, KY include:

  • Schools
  • Shopping malls
  • Office buildings
  • And more!
We also offer heavy demolition in Louisville for your larger projects.
commercial demolition

Residential Demolition

It might be tempting for a homeowner to tackle a demolition project on their own. You might be accustomed to carrying out tasks independently. But this may swiftly result in perilous circumstances. For tasks like these, it is best to seek out a qualified demolition service provider. Let our demolition specialists handle any complicated problems that may develop inside a Louisville home.

Your residential projects in Louisville, KY are something we can tackle, from complete houses to garages.

Emergency Demolition

There are instances when you need demolition services immediately; you can’t wait for contractors to show up the next day. Extreme weather conditions can harm buildings, making them dangerous for occupants or anyone around. The only option to safeguard the neighbourhood and its citizens might be to demolish the structure.

Our demolition specialists in Louisville, KY are aware of how urgent this work might be. We’ll make sure to give your project top priority when you call for emergency services, and we’ll schedule your appointment as soon as we can. We won’t spend any time in restoring the safety of your building.

emergency demolition

Industrial Demolition

The removal of industrial structures is one of our areas of expertise.

The selective and precise demolition of concrete and steel silos, water tower wrecking, steel tank dismantling, and the removal of all kinds of machinery and buildings are all tasks that our team is capable of handling. We additionally provide controlled implosion services for larger structures.

The Demolition Process

What exactly takes place during a project from its start to completion? Our demolition contractors have finished thousands of jobs in the Louisville, KY area. To give you a clearer idea of our high standards and what we offer, we’re going to break down our process for you:


Surveying & Preparation: Every demolition process begins with a thorough inspection of the building and job site. We create a detailed plan of action to ensure quality service.


Demolition: Now that we’ve drafted a detailed plan, our demolition contractors get to work. We begin dismantling the structure, taking care to note any structural weaknesses that may result.


Clean-Up: Unlike some demolition companies, once our work is done, we provide debris removal services & dump truck services so that nothing is left behind.

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We have extensive knowledge in project management and commercial and industrial demolition contractor services. When you work with us, we’ll communicate frequently with you to address any concerns that you may have about the job.

We also offer demolition services althoughout Kentucky


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Get a Quote Within 24 Hours!

Our team of construction & demolition professionals are always happy to speak with you and value your business. We are trained to handle any requests that you may have.

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