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Excavation Services In New Jersey

We provide excavation services for New Jersey residents and business owners. Whether you’re looking for grading, excavation for a new foundation, utility installation, or anything else that requires excavating, you can count on us.

With over 20 years of experience in the business, Bella Contracting has the tools, experience, and staff to handle excavation projects of any size – residential, commercial, and industrial.

Our excavation services can be used for:

Utility Installation & Sanitation Systems
Storm Drainage Systems
Water Mains
Beach Replenishment
Boardwalks & Pedestrian Bridges
Bridges & Culverts

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Residential excavation

Foundation excavation

A building is only as strong as its foundation. Without proper excavation, your building can end up on uneven ground. The ground may also settle beneath the building – putting your property and your loved ones at risk.You don’t want the ground under your foundation to settle – and you shouldn’t settle, either. When you choose Bella Contracting, you get a company with decades of excavation experience. We’ll set the groundwork for your foundation by ensuring the area we excavate is level, free of obstructions and voids, and ready for your building.This is time-consuming work that requires precision and skill. The professionals at Bella plan carefully before each excavation project, ensuring that the foundation for your home, garage, or other building will be built on stable ground.
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Underground utilities

When it comes to installing underground utilities, careful excavating work is key. Whether you’re looking to install underground electrical, water, gas, or anything else, our professionals will ensure that the excavating work is done right.That means our experts will carefully plot the excavation, finding the most efficient route to connect utilities to your property without disrupting or damaging the utilities that are already there.

Land grading

Land grading is an essential part of any new build. It ensures that your land slopes away from your building, allowing water to drain away from the foundation.

Our excavating services can be used both for new builds and for existing buildings with drainage problems. We can also provide land grading services to prepare for new landscaping, new patios, new driveways, and anything else you might need.

…and more!

We offer comprehensive residential excavation services. If you need land excavated for septic tanks, dry wells, sidewalks, new permanent structures, add-ons, swimming pools, or anything else, we can help. We’ll obtain all the necessary permits for you. We have a full fleet of excavation machines – which we’ll describe below – so there’s no job that we can’t handle.


Commercial excavation presents a number of challenges that you won’t find in most residential excavating projects. The scale, complexity, and timeframe of commercial projects are usually much more demanding.

You can trust us for your commercial excavating needs. With decades of experience excavating, our team of professionals will handle your project on time, on budget, and without incident.

We’re accustomed to working alongside other contractors, so if you have a big project that needs to be done on a tight schedule, you can count on us. We’ll stay in constant communication with relevant stakeholders, like utility installation contractors, to ensure the work is done on time.

Call us for any commercial excavation projects in New Jersey, including:

  • Trenching for underground utilities
  • Land clearing
  • Excavation to access damaged utilities
  • Drainage solutions, including storm drain installation
  • Hazardous material/contaminant excavation

We can handle any job

There’s no job too big or small for our team. And we’re not just saying that – we have the equipment to back it up:In our New Jersey fleet, we have 12 excavation machines – 6000, 10,000, 20,000, 30,000, 50,000 and 80,000 lb machines, including skid steers, grapple buckets, and hydraulic hammers. That means we have the right tools for excavation projects of any size and type. View more information about excavation services here.
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Get a Quote Within 24 Hours!

Our team of construction & demolition professionals are always happy to speak with you and value your business. We are trained to handle any requests that you may have.

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