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Excavation Services

Excavation work might seem messy, but in reality, these projects require careful planning and extensive training to properly complete. When you work with our excavation contractors, you can trust that you’ll receive high-quality, reliable, and professional service. These standards are why we’ve been operating for more than 20 years.

At Bella Contracting, we take every detail of your project into account. We ask questions like:

What are you planning to build on the property?

What are the issues with the current landscape?

Which solutions can treat these problems effectively?

Our contractors offer a wide variety of excavation services, including land clearing, grading, and underground utility installations.

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Residential excavation

You’re thinking about expanding your property. But if you’re interested in adding a pool, garage, or addition to your home, you need to lay the groundwork first. We offer residential excavating services that prepare the land for new construction projects.

Foundation excavation

When constructing a new building, we spend a lot of time thinking about the materials, floor plans, and dimensions of it. But what about the ground it’s built upon? The earth must be properly compacted to prevent structural instabilities.

A stable building relies on a stable foundation. For new residential developments, our excavation services are practically a necessity. We’ll ensure that your property is primed and prepared for construction.

Our foundation excavation services are designed to create a level, stable, and firm base for your construction.

Foundation excavation
Underground utilities

Underground utilities

Utility lines are essential for any residential property. When these systems are damaged, it interrupts your ability to live comfortably and safely within your home.

Damaged water lines can lead to dangerous septic issues—exposure to contaminated water can make people sick. However, repairing these lines pose challenges of their own. Since they’re underground, one needs to know precisely where to dig to access them. It’s also important to avoid damaging other utilities, such as gas or electrical lines.

We’ll map out your entire property before we start digging. This ensures that we only excavate in areas that will not damage other utilities. Our excavation services allow you to safely repair or install underground water, gas, and electrical lines.

Land grading

You’re happy with the exterior of your home, but not with the land that surrounds it. In your yard, all you see are boulders, tree stumps, and bushes. You’re ready for a fresh start.

Our grading services allow you to shape the landscape to fit your vision. You can have the backyard that you’ve always dreamed of, with space for a deck, pool, and/or garden.

Dealing with water drainage issues? Standing water is unsightly—not to mention, it also allows insects to multiply rapidly. Our land grading services are just what you need. We’ll dig trenches that redirect water flow away from the foundation of your home. This will prevent water damage and flooding after an extreme weather event.

…and more!

Our excavation services can assist you with installing a wide variety of systems, such as:

  • Sidewalks
  • Swimming pools
  • Septic tanks
  • Dry wells
From obtaining permits to project management, we’ll be there to help you along each step of the way.


With each passing year, your goal is to grow your company. But what happens when your building runs out of space? You want to hire more staff, expand your storeroom, and increase your storage capabilities, but you’re limited by the dimensions of the property. Excavating the land allows you to expand your building to accommodate your growing business.

First impressions are important, especially when it comes to your business. Our grading services can transform the landscape that surrounds your commercial property. By revamping the exterior of your business, you can increase its curb appeal and attract new customers.

We aim to disrupt your commercial operations as little as possible. Our excavating contractors make every effort to complete projects on time or ahead of schedule.

At a commercial facility, you might be working with hazardous chemicals or other contaminating materials. What can you do if those substances leak into the environment nearby? Left untreated, toxic chemicals can lead to illness, soil erosion and foundation damage. We offer hazardous material removal and disposal to make your property safe and contaminant-free.

Jobs of this scale require extensive experience to pull off. At Bella Contracting, our team has what it takes.

Bella Contracting
Foundation excavation

We can handle any job

Are you concerned that your excavation project is too complex or large for most contractors? That’s not a problem for us. At Bella Contracting, we use an array of equipment to get the job done, including hydraulic hammers, grapple buckets, and skid steers. Our excavation machines have the capacity for:

  • 6,000
  • 10,000
  • 20,000
  • 30,000
  • 50,000
  • And 80,000 lbs

Whether you own a residential, commercial, or industrial building, our contractors have the tools and the training to offer dependable grading and excavation services.


If you’re looking for commercial or residential excavation services, call Bella Contracting; we’ll respond to you with a quote within 24 hours.You can customize your project according to your needs. We’ll provide a detailed explanation of your quote so that you understand everything that factors into the final cost.With over 20 years of experience, you can trust our services. Get in touch with our excavation contractors today to discuss your next project.
Get a Quote Within 24 Hours!

Our team of construction & demolition professionals are always happy to speak with you and value your business. We are trained to handle any requests that you may have.

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