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Demolition Services Kentucky

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Large-scale KY demolition projects of various kinds are a specialty of Bella Contracting. Serving residential, commercial, industrial, and governmental institutions for more than 20 years. We are a full-service company with very skilled demolition experts. With every project we work on, safety and attention to detail come first.

Our knowledgeable crew is available to assist you whether you need a structure torn down entirely or just a small task done. Once the demolition is over, we’ll also assist you with disposal of all the residual items. We have completed thousands of successful projects, and we are completely dedicated to ensuring that each and every one of our clients is happy. Our demolition specialists are unparalleled. Make this the last time you search for demolition contractor near me, call us now! Let’s talk about your project’s specifics so we can determine the best course of action for you!

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Structural Demolition in ky

When a demolition project is finished, there is a certain satisfaction that comes with it. Everything that was blocking your path has been fully removed. We can handle big and challenging works because to our sophisticated building methods and top-notch equipment.

We will be equipped to tackle your project, no matter how challenging or delicate it may be. We take on challenging tasks with assurance. We consider everything, including:

  • Which walls are supported by loads?
  • Which tools are most suitable for this project?
  • Does asbestos appear in any materials?
kentucky structual demolition
selective demolition ky

Selective Demolition in ky

It’s not always the case that hiring a demolition contractor means you intend to demolish the entire building. A few walls need to be taken down occasionally. Bulldozers that bring a building to its knees aren’t always used in demolition activity. With your cooperation, we can demolish only a few portions of a house or business building while leaving the main structure standing.

Interior Demolition in ky

Clearing out the outdated materials is necessary before remodelling your home or commercial building. We are capable of taking care of the floors, ceiling, or walls. Our demolition professionals will be ready for the job whether you need a structure totally torn down or just a specific location.

interior demolition ky

Exterior Demolition

It is not always possible to salvage buildings. It may be essential to demolish a portion of a damaged structure in order to ensure public safety. We have fully bonded, licenced, and insured each and every one of our demolition contractors. By addressing any structural flaws, we can increase the safety of your structure.

Commercial Demolition

There are many risks associated with the demolition of buildings this size. These kinds of tasks demand care and prudence. The type of undertaking that necessitates meticulous planning and specialised tools. In Kentucky, here are a few types of the structures we’ve demolished:

  • Schools
  • Shopping malls
  • Office buildings
  • And more!

We also offer heavy demolition in Kentucky for your larger demolition projects.

residential demolition

Residential Demolition

It might be tempting for a homeowner to tackle a demolition project on their own. You might be accustomed to carrying out tasks independently. But this may swiftly result in perilous circumstances. For tasks like these, it is best to seek out a qualified demolition service provider. Let our demolition specialists handle any complicated problems that may develop inside a Kentucky home.

Your next exterior demolition project is something we can tackle, from complete houses to garages.

Emergency Demolition

Demolition services are occasionally not just an option, but also essential. Your building may sustain damage, and demolition might be necessary right away to stop structural collapses or fix weather damage. When you need them the most, our demolition specialists will be there for you.

You may be sure that we’ll address your issue as soon as we can given our excellent safety record. Give us a call right immediately if you require urgent exterior or interior demolition as a result of a fire or flood.

emergency demolition

Industrial Demolition

We are experts in the secure and timely demolition of industrial buildings.

Our team is capable of selected and precise demolition of steel and concrete silos, water tower wrecking, steel tank disassembly, and the dismantling of various kinds of machinery and buildings. We also provide services for controlled implosion for larger constructions.

The Demolition Process

What exactly takes place during a project from its start to completion? To give you a clearer idea of what we offer, we’re going to break down our process for you:


Surveying & Preparation: Every demolition process begins with a thorough inspection of the job site. We create a detailed plan of action to ensure that everything runs smoothly.


Demolition: Now that we’ve drafted a detailed plan, our demolition contractors get to work. We begin dismantling the structure, taking care to note any structural weaknesses that may result.


Clean-Up: Once our work is done, we provide debris removal services so that nothing is left behind.

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We have in-depth expertise in project management and providing demolition contractor services for businesses and industries. When you work with us, we’ll be in touch with you frequently to answer any problems you might have.

We also offer demolition in Louisville


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Get a Quote Within 24 Hours!

Our team of construction & demolition professionals are always happy to speak with you and value your business. We are trained to handle any requests that you may have.

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