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Connecticut General Contracting

Whether you’re renovating an existing structure or planning to design a brand-new building from scratch, construction projects involve a lot of moving parts. It’s natural to feel excited but also overwhelmed at the prospect of all the work to be done and aspects of the project that must be organized—from design and permitting right through to the finishing touches.

What are the steps? Who are the most reliable tradespeople? How can you be certain that all codes and safety standards will be met? How will you stick to your timeline? And who is responsible for cleaning up at the end of each day? These are just a few of the questions that may be swirling through your mind.

But before you panic, take a moment to remind yourself that this is exactly why general contractors exist. Hiring someone experienced and well-connected to manage your project can allow you to hand over the reins with confidence, secure in the knowledge that you’ll be dealing with just one capable and qualified point person throughout the entire process. With active construction on the rise in the state of Connecticut, outstanding general contractors are in high demand. Fortunately, Bella Contracting can help.

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With more than 25 years of experience in the construction industry, Bella Contracting offers reliable and trustworthy general contracting and construction management services. We are fully insured, licensed, and bonded in the state of Connecticut and have a proven history of impeccable work executed in compliance with all health and safety regulations. Also, we’re familiar with permitting processes and building codes across the state of Connecticut and have connections with a wide variety of top-notch sub-contractors we’ve vetted ourselves over the years.

Bella Contracting is committed to a streamlined and efficient construction process from beginning to end. Our industry experience means that we’re well-versed in mitigating challenges as they arise. From every perspective, we’re the right general contracting company for your next construction project.

You’re probably aware that a general contractor manages construction projects, but what exactly does that mean?

The truth is that the job encompasses the oversight of every element of renovation, construction, or demolition, no matter how small or large. A general contractor coordinates permits, material acquisition, scheduling, inspections, communications, subcontractors, and more. They are your solitary point person throughout the duration of the project and are responsible for updating you and keeping everything on track.

Before a project physically begins, the general contractor is already busy arranging permits, coordinating schedules, communicating with stakeholders, and putting together a master plan that will adhere to a specific timeline, ensure high-quality craftsmanship, and prioritize health and safety considerations. Bella Contracting’s general contracting services include liability insurance and workers compensation. We always keep your target budget in mind and are available to provide progress updates and listen to any feedback or questions you may have along the way.

Land grading Connecticut

During construction, a general contractor is on-site every single day, overseeing the work that’s being done. They are responsible for ensuring that work is high quality and up to code, that manufacturing guidelines are being met (to ensure future warranty protection), that conflicts or unforeseen circumstances are handled appropriately, and that the project is on budget and progressing according to its timeline. Plus, much more. In terms of safety, a general contractor must have a comprehensive understanding of safe industry standards and ensure that workers are in compliance with them at all times.

Unfinished Home Framing Interior

Once construction is completed, a general contractor remains your point person for questions and follow-up. They’re responsible for ensuring that every last detail of the project is completed to your satisfaction, including proper finishing and clean-up.

The builder cleans the floor from dust with a construction vacuum cleaner.

General Contractors Vs. Subcontractors, Prime Contractors, and Construction Managers

There are many types of contractors, and you may have heard different terms thrown around interchangeably or incorrectly. A general contractor can also commonly be known as a main contractor or prime contractor. Specifically, in the state of Connecticut, you’ll also hear the term major contractor. Individuals with a major contractor license are essentially state-licensed general contractors (see more information in the FAQ section below).

Like a general contractor, a construction manager oversees certain aspects of a construction project. Unlike a general contractor, a construction manager is typically hired at the outset of a construction project and may source and/or deal directly with project architects. A construction manager is paid a set fee (rather than a lump sum that covers overhead and profit) and works collaboratively with the owner. In this scenario, the owner is more involved in the construction process and is responsible for approving and paying each subcontractor individually.

A subcontractor is a tradesperson, such as a plumber, carpenter, or electrician, hired by a general contractor to complete a specific portion of a construction project. (If you hired a tradesperson yourself, you’d just refer to them as a contractor. But when they’re working under the management of a general contractor, they’re known as subcontractors.)

What Type of Contractor Do I Need?

The answer to this question really depends on your construction project and how involved you hope to be in it.

For projects that only involve one type of trade (e.g., plumbing or carpentry), you may be able to hire a subcontractor directly. For more complex projects, a general contractor or construction manager is highly recommended. If you want someone to manage the entire project for you, go with a general contractor. If you want to be more collaboratively involved, your better choice will be a construction manager.

General Contractor Connecticut

When it comes to commercial construction contractors, you won’t need to look further than Bella Contracting Services. We know commercial construction backward and forward and can tackle projects ranging from commercial renovations to retail, restaurants, office buildings, apartment buildings, and more.

New Residential Construction

Bella Contracting Services is well-versed in the ins and outs of residential projects. Once you’re satisfied with your plans, we can provide a new home construction contractor to take over!

Residential Contractor Connecticut
New residential construction home framing against a blue sky

How Long Does It Take To Build a House in Connecticut?

The timeline for new home construction is highly dependent on numerous factors, including the type of home (custom or production), the season/weather, the materials used, and the size of the home. A ballpark range could be anywhere from 6 months to 18 months (though typically less than one year). Hiring an experienced general contractor will certainly expedite the process.

How Much Does It Cost To Build a New House in Connecticut?

There are so many factors that can impact price per square foot (materials, season, number of stories, location of project, plus more) that it’s really best to just bring your residential property plans to a general contractor for an accurate estimate. Bella Contracting can help.

Unfinished Home Framing Interior


Without a solid foundation, your Connecticut construction project is off to a wobbly start. Fortunately, Bella Contracting Services has plenty of expertise in building and repairing foundations. We also offer basement waterproofing, inspections, and much more!

Disaster Relief & Home Elevation​

If you live in an area of Connecticut that’s prone to flooding, we can literally help you elevate your home. We simply extend your existing foundation (or build a new one) to raise your home above even the most severe flood levels. In the event that other emergencies occur, Bella Contracting provides disaster relief services 24-hours a day at need.

Our Commitment to Safety

Bella Contracting Services has a proven track record of prioritizing safe work environments. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured in the state of Connecticut and all of our work is OSHA compliant and meets local and regional health and safety standards. A dedicated safety manager is present on all of our work sites at all times.


Yes. Major contractors in Connecticut state must be licensed by the Department of Consumer Protection.

A Notice of Completion is a formal legal document that officially establishes the date of completion for a construction project.

The sooner, the better. The sooner you bring a general contractor on board, the faster they can get up to speed on the specifics of the project and start planning their management strategy.

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