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Storm Drain Installation

Water damage is a property owner’s worst nightmare. Whether you own a home or a business, you need to protect yourself. We all know the devastation that storms can cause, but did you know that you also need to protect yourself from the standing water that stays after a storm?

We can help. Bella Contracting has decades of experience installing storm drains. They protect your property by diverting standing water away from your property, and toward a safe inlet for the water.

With comprehensive drainage design and installation, we can remediate any drainage issues that are present on your property.

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When your property isn’t properly sloped, or you get more water than your soil can absorb, you can end up with standing water. This standing water can then infiltrate the perimeter of your building, causing property damage, basement flooding, and other problems.

Storm drains solve this problem by moving water away from your property, all while keeping contaminants out. This is achieved through the use of a catch basin, which we’ll install in order to filter out any sediment and large debris. This serves a dual purpose – it keeps your storm drain clean, and it reduces the number of pollutants that reach the city’s stormwater system in municipal settings.

Without a storm drain, it’s next to impossible to remediate many drainage issues.

Dry well


The installation of storm drainage systems needs to occur carefully – any mistakes can lead to the standing water simply migrating to a different location.

The process starts by evaluating where drainage problems are present on your property. Our goal is to improve all of your drainage issues with the most efficient, least disruptive system possible.

From there, we’ll evaluate the slope of your property – shooting grade is essential so that we choose the correct elevation and slope for the catch basin and drainage system. This is done through the use of state-of-the-art machinery that can quickly evaluate elevation levels. From there, the project is sent to our engineers, who will assess exactly where to dig.

Care is required to avoid damaging utilities during this process. With our decades of experience, we’ll ensure that electrical, plumbing, networking, gas lines, and other utilities are unbothered during the installation process.

We’ll also ensure that there is as little disturbance to your property as possible during the process. This means we’ll route your drainage system around patios, gardens, and any other landscaping that could be disturbed during the process. The drainage system we install will also divert water away from those areas.

The materials we will use for your drainage system depend, in part, on the type of system installed – there are many drainage solutions available. We always use high-quality, long lasting materials, to ensure you won’t need to repair or replace your storm drain any time soon. The materials used may include PVC piping, filter fabrics, crushed stones, metal grates, and more.

To dig the trench for the drainage systems we install, we use a variety of equipment, from heavy machinery, like trenchers, to hand tools. The exact type of equipment we’ll use depends heavily on the conditions surrounding trench excavation. It’s much easier, for example, to dig a trench through soil than it is to break concrete for trench excavation.

Other Types of Drainage Systems

french drain
French drains are a simple, effective type of storm drain. They use a combination of gravel and perforated pipe to divert water from a property toward an appropriate inlet.We create French drains using a similar process to the one described above. The PVC pipe we use is perforated at the bottom, so groundwater can enter into the pipe and flow toward the inlet. Gravel is used to hide the pipe – the voids in the gravel allow water to travel through and reach the pipe. The gravel can be covered with sod or another material appropriate to your environment.French drains are versatile – while they’re often used exclusively to divert water that’s outside your building, they can also be used in conjunction with a sump pit and pump to divert water away from your basement, preventing basement flooding.

A dry well is a type of inlet for stormwater. In this way, it differs from a catch basin – while catch basins remove contaminants before water is diverted to another inlet, dry wells are, in and of themselves, an inlet.

We’ll typically dig a dry well if there’s no appropriate inlet for your stormwater, or if your municipality requires the use of dry wells to reduce the burden on the city’s stormwater system. Dry wells are most often dug at the lowest point of a property. Part or all of your storm drainage system will end at your dry well.

There are many types of dry wells available – the kind we’ll create for you depends on the size of your property, the capacity of other available stormwater inlets, and the amount of water you typically receive (which can vary more than you might think across). We may fill the dry well with gravel, though concrete is sometimes used. Perforated material will allow the water in your dry well to slowly seep into the soil.

Even with immaculate drainage design, dry wells can still become overwhelmed with water in torrential rains. In order to minimize overflow that can cause property damage, we’ll install an overflow pipe to direct water away from sensitive property. The water will flow away from your building – as well as away from any buildings on neighboring properties. 

Dry wells can serve a number of purposes. Your sump pit can be a dry well, relieving some of the pressure on your sump pump. You can also use dry wells to dispose of your home’s gray water. They’re extremely versatile drainage solutions.

Drainage pits are a catch-all name for any of the pits we install to drain stormwater and reduce its impact to your property. In most cases, drainage pits refer to dry wells, though some people might call catch basins drainage pits.It’s worth noting that drainage pits can be designed in a number of different ways. We’ll evaluate the exact needs of your property, and design the drainage pit that’s right for you.
Storm drains – in all of their forms – will sometimes require repairs. Erosion can create voids that the catch basin can fall into. Movement created by frost and ice can lead to similar problems. Tree roots can find their way into your French drain and cause damage.In these circumstances, excavation is sometimes required in order to conduct repairs. We can excavate damaged areas, and repair any damage to your storm drain. We can also repair or replace damaged catch basins, shore up sagging trenches, and conduct any other repair work necessary to get your storm drain in working order again.


Properly designed drainage systems are essential for mitigating property damage caused by water. That includes reducing the risk of basement flooding. These systems can be designed in a number of ways, using French drains, dry wells, and catch basins. Drainage solutions are always trench-based, so water is diverted away from sensitive areas.

There are many components to a drainage system – and they’re not limited to the storm drains we install. The gutters and downspouts on your building are, for example, an important part of your drainage system. Your sump pit and pump are, as well. In places with septic tanks, storm drains must be carefully installed to avoid overloading the septic field.

We take all of this, and more, into consideration when developing a drainage system for your property. This careful evaluation takes place long before we break ground. By planning every step, and using high-quality materials, we can ensure that your property drains properly, and that you won’t need repairs to your drainage system any time soon.

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You can trust Bella Contracting to design and build an effective, long-lasting drainage system for your property. We work on properties of all types – residential, commercial, and industrial. We’ll build the system according to the by-laws in your area – and we’ll handle all of the permitting for you.

Don’t take the risk of sustained water damage to your property. Contact us for a quote. We’ll analyze the work that we need to do and the cost of materials, then give you a fair, competitive price.

Remember, the cost of installing a storm drain is almost always less than the cost of continuous water damage and basement flooding on your property. Call us today.

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Our team of construction & demolition professionals are always happy to speak with you and value your business. We are trained to handle any requests that you may have.

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