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Water Damage Restoration & Clean Up After A Flood Or Storm


The aftermath of Hurricane Ida has been devastating. On September 1, an extreme storm claimed the lives of 29 New Jersey residents and destroyed the properties of many more.

The mass flooding and severe wind gusts caused catastrophic damage throughout New Jersey. When all of your belongings are torn apart by a storm, how do you begin to rebuild your life?

The sooner you schedule water restoration services, the better; water wreaks more havoc the longer it sits. However, this process is a delicate one. You must take care to protect the structure of the building and the health of those nearby. It’s a job best left to the professionals.

Here’s a look at the clean-up process following a flood or storm:


Wear Protective Equipment

If you are entering a flooded area, take the necessary steps to protect yourself first. Wear waterproof clothing, boots, rubber gloves, and a mask. We suggest wearing an N95 mask or respirator for maximum protection.

Exposure to flood water can be dangerous. The danger is multiplied if you encounter standing water. When water stagnates, it acts as a breeding ground for bacteria to multiply. Water that is already contaminated, such as sewage waste, can become a serious health hazard in no time. Suit up with protective gear whenever you enter a flooded area.


Water Removal

It’s hard to assess damage (never mind repair it) when there are several inches of water inside the building. Before anything else, storm clean-up must begin by removing all standing water from the property.

Exposure to mold, bacteria, and contaminated water can cause respiratory distress. It’s especially dangerous for those with health conditions such as asthma or lung disease. Water must be drained quickly and efficiently to prevent further damage.


Dry Out

Even after the floodwater is removed, the moisture levels in your home or business will be higher than normal.

The average humidity level in a household ranges from 30-50%. But after a flood, that number will be much higher. These conditions facilitate mold growth and may attract insects or vermin.

During this stage, ventilation systems and dehumidifying devices are key. Open all the windows and doors in the building to allow for better airflow. When it’s safe to use electricity again, you can set up fans and dehumidifiers to help bring down humidity levels.



Now that all the water has been drained and humidity levels are stable, the next step is repairing damage to floors, walls, and appliances.

Unfortunately, some water-damaged materials may be unsalvageable. Examples include:

  • Carpet
  • Drywall
  • Solid wood

These materials are particularly susceptible to water damage. Depending on how deep the water has seeped, you may need to remove and replace the walls, insulation, and subfloor.

In most cases, it’s best to remove all water-damaged materials and start fresh. Prolonged exposure to water causes warping, deterioration, and mold growth.


Hire a Professional Demolition Company

Before you can rebuild your home or business after an extreme weather event, you need to start by clearing out the damage. At Bella Contracting, we offer a full suite of services that can help you restore your property. When we’re finished, your home or business will be safe to inhabit again.

Our demolition contractors in NJ have the training, experience, and equipment for the job. To schedule our water damage restoration services, contact us today.


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