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Foundation Excavation Process – Creating A Solid Base For Your Building

A foundation that’s built on unstable soil won’t stand the test of time. Without a solid base, all your time, money, and hard work will be for nothing.

As temperatures and humidity levels change, the materials in a building will swell and contract. When you add extreme weather conditions to the mix (like storms, wind gusts, and floods) it can be a recipe for disaster. The structural integrity of the building could be compromised.

A strong foundation is important for a few reasons:

  • If the ground is sloped, your building will be, too. The floors, walls, and ceilings will eventually slant, leading to warping and structural weaknesses.
  • A well-designed foundation will have trenches for water drainage. In the event of a flood or leak, the water will be diverted away from the building.
  • Excavation services make it easier to landscape the front and back yard of the property.

But what goes into preparing a foundation for a new building? In this article, we’re going to provide a general overview of the excavation process:

Site Preparation

Before anything else, any obstructions on the ground need to be removed. These include:

  • Trees & tree roots
  • Rocks
  • Structures
  • Concrete

To remove obstructions like these, contractors will need to use heavy-duty equipment. They may need to tear trees from the ground and then haul them to a disposal site.  Sometimes, it’s possible to relocate and replant trees at another location; if you’re interested in doing so, be sure to let your excavation crew know.


Contractors don’t merely turn on their machines and start digging. First, they use stakes and color-coded pegs to outline the structure of the building. Underground utility lines (such as water, electrical, or gas) need to be carefully noted so that they aren’t damaged during the dig.

An important part of any excavation project is land grading. Contractors will use heavy machinery to make the soil level, compact, and stable. This process also helps prevent water drainage issues.

If you’re building a basement in the new building, you may consider having it dug out during this part of the process—it costs significantly more to add a basement once the structure is already built.

Pouring Concrete

After all that hard work, your property will be cleared from obstructions, the soil will be level, and the necessary trenches will be dug. Finally, it’s time to start building the foundation itself.

Can you imagine how heavy an entire building is? Think of all the weight that the ground beneath it has to support. If the soil has voids, weaknesses, or water damage, your building will end up falling apart. Before any concrete is poured or walls are built, the excavation crew should perform a final assessment of the soil structure.

Soil that contains clay, crushed stones, or excess moisture may cause the foundation to eventually crack. If the soil is of poor quality, it may need to be replaced before construction can begin.

You want to set your building up for long-term success. That starts with a level, stable, and solid base. Excavation is an essential step in any new construction project.

At Bella Contracting, we offer building demolition and excavation services in Connecticut. We can prepare the land on your property to support a residential, commercial, or industrial building. Contact us today.

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