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Which Equipment & Tools Are Best Suited For A Demolition Job?

Every demolition job has the potential to be messy and can sometimes be dangerous if not done properly. It may sound like a simple task; all you got to do is tear down some walls, right? Well, it may not be as easy as you think. Are you working with drywall? Wood? Brick? Concrete? Steel? Each demolition job requires specific tools. It’s essential to have the correct equipment, tools, and know-how when doing any type of demo or renovation.

Here are the necessary tools and equipment to have available for demolition jobs:

Heavy Equipment for Demo Jobs

Some bigger and stronger equipment is important for commercial demo jobs, and it’s best to know which equipment is reliable for specific types of demolitions before you start.


A bulldozer is the perfect machine for the job if a large amount of material has to be removed. They are capable of dozing, ripping, clearing, and more. There are three common types of dozers that are useful for demo jobs. They have enough force to drive through almost anything in their path, and the angled blade at its front can clear metals, woods, dirt, concrete, and gravel to create clear and flat surfaces.

Hydraulic Excavators

An excavator is a machine that performs a large amount of demolition-related tasks. They can clear a lot by knocking down buildings, trees, and more. Excavators can also pick up the rubble and load it onto trucks to be carried away.

These machines are best for digging and removing structures from the demolition site and are an essential piece of equipment for most demolition jobs.

Compact Track Loaders

Compact track loaders are very powerful machines that are similar to bulldozers. They’re effective when you need to move debris from one area to another, and they can dig, load, and grade as well. What’s useful about these machines is that they work well in tighter spaces which is often necessary during demolition projects.

Power Tools for Demo Jobs

Sometimes demolition involves going into a building and gutting the inside. When dealing with this type of project, there are specific tools you can use to make things a little easier:

Reciprocating Saws

A reciprocating saw has a blade that moves back and forth in a reciprocating motion, just as the name suggests. This power tool is ideal for cutting wood or wood with nails in them. You can also use it to cut steel in some cases. Always ensure you’re using the right reciprocating saw blade for the specific job to avoid breaking it.

Circular Saws

A circular saw is helpful when taking things apart. You can use it to plunge cut into floors or cut into walls. There are different types of blades you can swap out for specific materials. For example, if you need to cut into concrete, you’d use a masonry blade.

Cordless Drills

You can easily unscrew old nails or screws from the walls with a cordless drill if you’re hoping to save the wall instead of ripping it down. It’s always helpful to have a cordless drill around; the lack of a cord is a nice safety feature to have when working on high-traffic demo jobs.


If you need to break down concrete, a jackhammer (also known as a rotary hammer) is strong enough to get the job done. It can be used to remove concrete walls, sidewalks, stoops, basement slabs, and more. You could use sledgehammers for a job like this, but when there are a lot of concrete structures around, you’ll be better off using a jackhammer. It’s much faster and more efficient.

Angle Grinders

When you need to remove metal, such as wire fences or bolts, you’re going to need an angle grinder. This tool cuts, grinds, deburrs, and finishes metallic objects. It’s a versatile power tool that can also work for sanding down wood and smoothing it out.

Hand Tools for Demo Jobs

Smaller hand tools are also useful in demolition jobs. Much like larger equipment and power tools, each hand tool has its purpose for a project.

The common hand tools used for demo jobs include the following:

  • Sledgehammers: This tool is strong enough to break down walls and concrete, making it an effective tool for interior spaces.
  • Hammers: Essentially a smaller scale sledgehammer. This tool can be used to pry and rip nails out of walls or pieces of wood.
  • Crowbars: You can use a crowbar to pry open walls, floorboards, and more.
  • Snips: If you need to cut sheet metal, a pair of snips can do the job and works well on old ductwork.
  • Pliers: Removing screws, bolts, and even carpeting can be difficult without a pair of pliers. They can pull, rip, clamp, and cut when needed.
  • Screwdrivers: It’s useful to have a variety of screwdrivers in the toolbox, as they can help with smaller-scale demolition work, like removing old electrical outlets, light fixtures, and more.
  • Demo Forks: A demo fork is your best bet when prying apart materials during a demolition job. It can slide under materials such as flooring or roof shingles and pry them away.

There are plenty of ways to go about your commercial New Jersey demolition project, which can include doing the work yourself. However, a lot of experience, knowledge, and skill are associated with demolition. That’s why we recommend hiring reliable contractors that can get the job done safely, efficiently, and on schedule.

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