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Things You Need To Prep For A Major Demolition Project

Demolition can be one of the quickest phases of a construction or renovation project. The faster the structure comes down, the faster the team can get to work building. Even though a demolition project can be over in two days, it still requires a lot of prep to ensure the process moves as efficiently as possible. 

As soon as the contractors are on board, the task begins, and everyone must be able to work safely. It’s integral to have a clear plan that everyone can follow. That’s why we’ve narrowed down the top things you need to do before a demolition job:

Create a Solid Plan 

Before the demolition project ensues, sit down with a contractor, and create a plan with a clear end goal. You’ll need to conduct a thorough assessment of the structure and the surrounding area. 

What To Consider

The most important factors to consider when determining a plan include: 

  • What materials were used to build the existing structure? 
  • Are there any potentially hazardous materials, such as asbestos, lead, or flammable/explosive items?
  • Will you have enough time to get the demolition done? Most people don’t check the weather when planning a demolition job. The entire job can get slowed down if there’s a call for periods of heavy rain or extreme weather.

What Method Will You Use? 

Determining the demolition method will factor into your overall budget, so it’s pivotal that you decide which one you’ll choose. 

Mechanical & Manual

The most common method is mechanical demolition, which includes hydraulic excavators and other equipment/machinery to tear the structure down. The debris is taken away via a dumpster. 

The second go-to method is deconstruction, in which manually stripping down the structure section by section is done. Most demolition teams will collect the debris and scraps to try and salvage the materials. Manual deconstruction is typically more costly than mechanical because it takes longer and requires more labor. 

Many demolition teams may use both methods on a project. 

Obtain an Estimate & Set a Budget 

Once you have a plan in place and know how you’ll be demolishing the building, you can move on to obtaining an estimate/setting a budget. Your demolition contractor should be able to get you an estimate for the job, but it doesn’t hurt to consider that you may have other costs to take care of while setting a budget. 

Get the Proper Permits 

Building permits are necessary before starting a demolition job. Permits ensure that the structure meets the fire safety and inspector requirements. Either the building owner or contractor may apply for the correct building permits. The project won’t be able to move forward if the proper permits aren’t obtained. 

Have a Bin Ready

Demolition can be a messy job. If the project is on the larger side, you can expect a lot of debris, asphalt, drywall, shingles, steel, and wood. Before you start tearing the place down, you should ensure that you have a bin that’s large enough to get rid of the materials. There are many bin rental companies that you can reach out to for this,

Are you looking for commercial demolition in Connecticut? Our team at Bella Contracting has the experience and skill to get the job done safely. Contact us today for an estimate on your commercial construction project. 

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