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Removing Possessions Before Demolition In Kentucky

When a building is slated for demolition in Kentucky, removing all interior possessions and personal property is a key step contractors must complete beforehand. Failure to thoroughly clear out items from inside a building before demolition can lead to extra costs, delays, and liability for possessions improperly disposed of or damaged. By following structured removal protocols, demolition contractors like Bella Contracting can ensure a smooth prep process.

Determine What Needs To Be Removed

The first task is walking through the building to inventory and assess all contents that need to be removed. This includes:

  • Furniture – beds, chairs, tables, sofas, etc.
  • Appliances – refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, etc. 
  • Electronics – TVs, computers, stereos, etc.
  • Decor items – lamps, artwork, shelves, cabinets, etc.
  • Clothing and linens – in bedrooms, closets and storage rooms
  • Kitchenware – dishes, utensils, small appliances, etc.
  • Outdoor items – grills, patio furniture, decor, etc. 
  • Vehicles – cars, boats, RVs on the property, etc. 
  • Tools and workshop items – in garage, shed, basement, etc.

Create a comprehensive list with notes on locations and estimated removal times. This will serve as a reference during removal.

Develop a Timeline

Removing possessions requires proper planning and lead time. Consider how long it will take tenants to pack up all their belongings and work backward from the demolition date. For most homes or apartment buildings, allow 30-60 days minimum for removal. 

For commercial spaces, coordinate timing with the needs of the business. Develop a schedule indicating target dates for different areas or phases if removal will be staged. 

Notify Tenants and Coordinate Removal 

Provide written notice to all tenants specifying the need to remove all possessions by the established deadline. Include information on removal requirements, assistance available, and consequences for items left behind.

Coordinate specific dates and times tenants can be on-site to remove items. This prevents conflicts and allows for supervision. Be flexible to accommodate tenant needs within reason.

Offer Assistance With Removal

While tenants are responsible for removal, offering staffing or moving resources can expedite the process and avoid abandoned items. Even helping carry furniture or providing boxes demonstrates good faith. Tenants may lack proper means for removal, which contractors can assist with.

Document Possessions Left Behind

Despite best efforts, some tenants will inevitably leave items behind. Thoroughly document any possessions still on site after the removal deadline by taking photos/videos and creating a manifest. Written proof removes liability from the contractor should the remaining items be disposed of during demolition. 

Remove Any Hazardous Items 

Use proper protective equipment when handling hazardous items left behind, like chemicals, fuel cans, batteries, etc. It’s best practice to remove these items first for safety reasons. Follow all protocols for properly disposing of hazardous waste through approved channels.

Do a Final Walkthrough

Once the removal deadline passes, do a final comprehensive walkthrough of all rooms, crawlspaces, outdoor areas, and storage spaces. Ensure no possessions remain on the premises that could end up as improperly disposed demolition waste.

Secure Property To Prevent Re-entry

After verifying all possessions have been removed, secure the building by changing locks, boarding up windows/doors, erecting fencing with signage, etc. These precautions prevent illegal dumping of unwanted items after the removal date. 


While clearing out a property set for demolition requires significant coordination, contractors like Bella Contracting, who follow structured possession removal processes, reduce liability risks and avoid essential issues once demolition begins. By taking the time to inventory items, provide sufficient notice, accommodate tenant needs, document leftovers, and secure the building, Kentucky demolition experts set projects up for success from the very start. If you’re in need of Louisville demolition services, Lexington demolition services or service in the rest of the state of Kentucky, contact Bella Contracting Services

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