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Parking Structure Demolition


Structures that were once useful will eventually fall into disarray. Take, for example, a parking lot. In its prime, a parking structure can house dozens, even hundreds of vehicles, and shield them from outdoor elements. But as time takes its toll, the structure will become cracked or overgrown with weeds. 

After years of usage, parking structures may become unstable, making them an unsafe place to park cars. Now, you’re ready to remove the former parking lot and build a new one in its place. But demolishing a parking structure poses unique challenges. 

Curious about what’s involved with parking structure demolition? Here’s a brief overview of the process, from what it costs to how it works:


What Factors Affect the Cost?

Each parking structure is unique; when we’re quoting clients for their parking lot demolition, we consider factors like:

  • The size of the structure
  • What material it’s made of
  • The proximity of the parking structure to other buildings

These factors affect how much labor, planning, and time will be involved in the project. 


The Demolition Process

While no two projects are the same, we take this standard approach with each parking structure demolition project that we do:


Notifying Nearby Residents

Before you demolish a parking structure, be sure to notify those who used to park in the area! Try to give as much notice as possible so those people can make other arrangements during the demolition. Ask your contractors for a timeline of when the project will be complete, so you can notify others of when it will be safe to park there again.


Containing Hazardous Materials

When was the parking lot originally built? Depending on its age, the concrete may contain asbestos. At Bella Contracting, we take your health and safety seriously. Before we begin a demolition project, we test the materials for any traces of asbestos (which was often used in concrete before the 1980s).


Grading the Land

If you’re planning to build a new parking lot, the land will take a bit of preparation once the demolition is complete. With our excavation and land grading services, we’ll take care of that part for you. 


Disposing of Waste Material

Demolishing a parking structure produces a lot of concrete. It’s not the type of waste you can simply put in a dumpster and call it a day. Oftentimes, you need to rent a dumpster bin that’s large enough to accomodate the concrete. 


Preparing the Surrounding Area

Parking structures are often attached to or nearby other buildings. When demolishing them, contractors must take care not to damage the surrounding structures. 


Choosing the Right Equipment

Depending on the scale and complexity of your project, different demolition machines will work best. When selecting machinery, contractors will consider factors like:

  • How many pounds of concrete will be demolished?
  • Does the land need to be excavated and graded after?
  • How tall is the structure?

At Bella Contracting, we have a fleet of heavy-duty equipment that can tackle projects of any size. Our skid steers, grapple buckets, and hydraulic hammers will get the job done. These machines can handle weight capacities up to 80,000 lbs. 

Ready to plan your demolition project? The crew at Bella Contracting is here to help. For more information call today

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