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New Jersey’s Abandoned Office Parks: Demolition Dilemmas Of The Remote Work Era

The rise of remote work has left many suburban office parks empty and obsolete in New Jersey. Once buzzing hives of economic activity, these dated workplaces now pose challenges for communities dealing with vacancies and needed demolitions.

Deterioration Issues Emerge As Buildings Sit Idle

With offices empty for over two years during the pandemic, maintenance issues mounted. Parking lots crack, ceilings leak, HVAC systems fail, and facades crumble without occupancy or upkeep. Vandalism and theft of copper have spiked in unattended buildings as well.

As deterioration advances, outdated office stock risks becoming uninhabitable. The longer buildings sit vacant, the less likely they are to attract new tenants in the future.

High Demolition Costs Deter Redevelopment

Landlords face a dilemma in determining if struggling office assets should be re-tenanted or demolished for redevelopment. Demolition is expensive, with costs ranging from $8-$20 per square foot.

With New Jersey’s glut of obsolete office space, landlords are hesitant to spend millions tearing down buildings that still provide income via remaining tenants. Yet vacancy also diminishes the site’s value.

Environmental Remediation Complicates Demolition

Before demolition, environmental assessments often reveal issues like asbestos or underground tanks requiring remediation. This adds extensive costs and delays to demolition projects.

Upfront remediation investments may not make financial sense for property owners compared to maintaining the status quo of partly occupied buildings, even if functionally obsolete.

Local Opposition Stalls Demolition Approvals

Towns are wary of rising vacancy rates and lost tax revenue from empty office parks. When landlords propose demolition, local officials often push back.

Zoning changes face resistance to prevent adding more vacant land. Calls for demolition moratoriums have emerged in some towns to buy time to attract potential tenants and stop the loss of ratables.

The Road Ahead

While stalled for now, future phases of remote work expansion could prompt a wave of office park demolitions. As buildings decay and redevelopment economics improve, teardowns become increasingly inevitable.

How communities navigate this complex issue will shape the next chapter of New Jersey’s commercial real estate landscape. With collaboration and planning, obsolete offices may yet transform into vibrant new community assets.

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