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wind turbine Demolition services

When you have a wind turbine that needs to be decommissioned, trust Bella Demolition and Contracting Services. We’ll work hard to ensure that your wind turbine is deconstructed, rather than demolished, whenever possible. Where traditional demolition techniques are needed to decommission a wind turbine, we’ll deconstruct as much as possible, diverting as many materials as we can from landfills.

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nationwide wind turbine dismantling

Wind turbines are complex—blades, electronics, sturdy structures, strong foundations, and more are all needed to successfully generate wind energy. 

Demolishing wind turbines is almost as complex as building them. There are so many materials and components in a wind turbine that should not be demolished, as they could lead to hazardous waste. The best solutions involve recycling wind turbines; this allows us to divert waste like electronic components from landfills.

dismantled wind turbine

Our demolition process involves careful planning and innovative solutions. We work with trusted partners for material disposal. The demolition experts at Bella are among the best in the industry; whether your wind turbine has been damaged by fire or lightning, or has just reached the end of its useful lifespan, you can count on Bella Demolition and Contracting Services.

Removal of Turbine Blades

The demolition process starts with the removal of the turbine blades. The blades and the hub are typically removed simultaneously—in most cases, this process is accomplished through the use of a crane, which lifts the blades and hub from the nacelle. Doing so limits the risks to the equipment operators, and makes it easier to send the blades to be recycled, reused, or otherwise processed.

wind turbine blade removal
wind turbine demolition

Disposal of Turbine Blades

Wind turbine blades are typically made of composite materials like carbon fiber or fiberglass that can be difficult to recycle. We work with specialized partners who know how to properly dispose of wind turbine blades, recycling and reusing any components that can be salvaged.

Disassembly of Wind Turbines

Once the blades have been successfully removed, the next step of wind turbine demolition begins: The disassembly of the nacelle and tower. 

Ideally, the nacelle and tower will be disassembled, rather than demolished. This allows us to recycle components and reduce debris and pollution. Disassembly is especially important for wind turbines, which feature a variety of electrical components.


Wind turbines are frequently built in sections, which makes disassembly a viable alternative to traditional demolition. Our team will carefully remove bolts between sections, and then lower each section to the ground using cranes. From there, our specialists will continue manual disassembly, cutting, unbolting, and sorting of materials to be recycled.

dismantle wind turbine

Where disassembly is impossible, wind turbine demolition techniques including heavy machinery demolition or explosive demolition may be used. This is typical when towers are made of concrete, or in cases where manual disassembly may be too dangerous. At times, a hybrid approach may be used—some sections may be demolished, while others are disassembled.

Foundation Removal or Preservation

The last step in wind turbine demolition is the removal or preservation of the foundation. In circumstances where a wind turbine is being removed so that a new wind turbine can be installed on your wind farm, we will make every effort to preserve the foundation. Where needed, we can even remediate the foundation—we have an extensive background in construction as well as demolition.

When foundation restoration or preservation is not necessary, we can remove the foundation as part of our site restoration efforts. This process may involve breaking up the foundation with hydraulic breakers, removing the broken foundation with excavators and bulldozers, and lifting heavy pieces using cranes.

rusting wind turbines

Removal of Multiple Wind Turbines

Often, several wind turbines will need to be decommissioned simultaneously. Whether you require complete removal of the foundations, or for those foundations to be preserved for new wind turbines, Bella Demolition and Contracting Services can help. 

Our Proven Safety Record

The wind turbine demolition process poses a number of safety risks; any wind farm owner looking into demolition contractors should keep safety as their top priority.

At Bella Demolition and Contracting Services, we’ve been performing demolitions safely and efficiently for over 20 years. We go above and beyond, taking every precaution necessary to ensure that both people and property stay safe. Our team is trained in safe disassembly, deconstruction, and demolition. 

From erecting barriers to limit noise and pollution to going above and beyond standard safety practices, you can count on us to consider safety first at every point of the wind turbine decommissioning process. 

dismantle wind turbine

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When you need a wind turbine decommissioned or demolished, trust Bella Demolition and Contracting Services to get the job done. We’ll safely complete the project with minimal disruptions to the rest of your wind farm operations.

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Our team of construction & demolition professionals are always happy to speak with you and value your business. We are trained to handle any requests that you may have.

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