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Arena & Stadium Demolition Services

Arenas and stadiums are among a city’s most notable landmarks. Whether you’re looking to have a stadium partially demolished for a new extension, or you need full demolition in order to replace the stadium with something new, the professionals at Bella Contracting Services can help.

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Nationwide Stadium Demolition

Arena and stadium demolitions pose many unique challenges to demolition experts. Some of these challenges include:

  • The size of the stadium—most stadiums are much bigger than most buildings.
  • Hazardous materials—lead paint and asbestos abatement may be needed, especially for older stadiums.
  • Proximity to people and property—stadiums are often built in highly populated, highly urbanized areas.
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Our stadium demolition experts account for all of these factors, and several others when planning and completing stadium demolitions. Each demolition is a multi-phase process that includes the following steps:

Lead paint and asbestos abatement are frequently needed in stadium demolitions, especially for older stadiums. We offer abatement services as part of our stadium demolition services. Offering this service allows us to comply with local and federal laws pertaining to hazardous material disposal—and it ensures that everyone stays safe during the demolition project.

Once everything has been demolished, from the concrete walls to the lighting, we clean up the site of debris, waste, and more. Where needed, we also offer a site remediation service, allowing us to remove any contaminated dirt and fill it in with new earth. Once the site has been cleaned, we’ve had a chance to fill any gaps or holes, and everything has been leveled out, and a new building or extension can be built.

Our Proven Safety Record

When you hire Bella Contracting for demolition services, you’re hiring a company that puts safety as its top priority for every step of the demolition process. Whether we’re planning the project, using protective equipment for asbestos abatement, setting up barriers to reduce pollution, or using highly trained equipment operations and explosive experts to demolish the stadium or arena, we do everything we can to keep people and property safe during the process.

Our Process

We use a multi-phase approach for all of our stadium demolition jobs to ensure the safety of all parties and the successful completion of the project. Here are some of the steps we take before any project:


Site analysis: We do a complete analysis of the site, assessing the construction of the stadium, locating hazardous materials like asbestos and lead paint, evaluating the impact the demolition work might have on nearby structures and the local population, assessing the landscape and how runoff and pollution could affect waterways and the local community, and more.


Creating a plan: Once the site has been assessed, we work with architects, engineers, and demolition experts to create a safe, effective stadium demolition plan. This plan may include remediation efforts to remove hazardous waste, safety measures to protect the local population and nearby businesses, noise reduction measures, and a demolition plan. Arena and stadium demolition often occurs in several phases; a combination of heavy machinery, controlled explosives, and deconstruction may be used.


Setting up the site: To mitigate pollution and increase safety, we may install barriers, nets, and other structures to catch debris, dust, and pollutants, all while keeping our demolition experts safe and reducing noise. Lead paint and asbestos abatement usually occur before or during this step. Equipment, including heavy machinery, will be brought in and set up.


Demolition and clean-up: Using explosives, heavy machinery, and deconstruction techniques, we demolish the stadium.

Once the stadium has been demolished, we will clean up the site, recycle materials, clear debris, handle waste disposal, and more.

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Our team of construction & demolition professionals are always happy to speak with you and value your business. We are trained to handle any requests that you may have.

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