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Smoke Stack Demolition Services

At Bella Contracting Services, we offer smokestack demolition throughout the United States. With safety as our top priority, we’ll demolish your smokestack on time and within your budget.

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nationwide smoke stack demolition

Smokestack demolition poses a number of unique challenges. Some of the factors that make smokestack demolition tricky include:

  • The height of the smokestack
  • The presence of hazardous materials like asbestos and lead paint
  • The potential for pollutants to escape from the smokestack into the air or water
  • Their potential proximity to other structures
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Stability is another major concern with smokestack demolition—knocking down a smokestack carelessly can lead to it collapsing in the wrong direction, putting people and property at risk. 

There are three commonly used methods for smokestack demolition:

  • Heavy machinery demolition (including high-reach demolition)
  • Explosive demolition
  • Deconstruction
smoke stack demolition

Site remediation and pollution begin at the planning stage of the demolition process. Our site assessment helps us understand where runoff could occur and how pollutants can spread off-site. We carefully plan stack demolition to prevent as much pollution as possible, all while keeping everyone safe.

Once demolition is complete, site remediation can help ensure that the land is ready to use for its next occupant—be it another smokestack or an entirely different structure. After we remove contaminants and debris, we may excavate soil and refill the area with fresh soil—it all depends on the demolition plan we create, future occupancy, the presence of pollutants, and other factors.

Our Proven Safety Record

Keeping people and property safe during the demolition process is our top priority. We go above and beyond the standards set by OSHA and local by-laws to ensure the safety of every person near the demolition site. Our safety standards speak for themselves—you can check our phenomenal OSHA records for more information.

Our Process

We use a multi-phase approach for all of our smoke stack demolition projects to ensure the safety of all parties and the successful completion of the project. Here are some of the steps we take before any project:


Site analysis: We do a complete analysis of the site, assessing the construction of the smokestack, locating hazardous materials like asbestos, evaluating the impact the demolition work might have on nearby structures, evaluating the landscape and how runoff and pollution could affect waterways and the local community, and more.


Creating a plan: Once the site has been assessed, we work with architects, engineers, and demolition experts to create a safe, effective smokestack demolition plan. This plan will include remediation efforts to remove hazardous waste, safety measures to curb the dangers of this potentially hazardous task, and a detailed demolition process.


Setting up the site: To mitigate pollution and increase safety, we may install barriers, nets, and other structures to catch debris, dust, and pollutants, all while keeping our demolition experts safe and reducing noise. We remove hazardous materials from the smokestack and then bring machinery and other equipment onto the site.


Demolishing the smoke stack: Using explosives, heavy machinery, and deconstruction techniques, we demolish the smokestack.

Once the smokestack is demolished, we will clean up the site, recycling materials, clearing debris, handling waste disposal, and more.

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With over two decades of experience demolishing smoke stacks throughout the United States, you can count on Bella Contracting Services to handle every element of your demolition project. We’re fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Get in touch with us today!

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Our team of construction & demolition professionals are always happy to speak with you and value your business. We are trained to handle any requests that you may have.

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