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skyscraper Demolition services

Bella Demolition and Contracting offers high-rise demolition services throughout the United States. Using a variety of controlled demolition techniques, we safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively demolish high-rise buildings—including skyscrapers and high rises located in very urbanized and densely populated areas.

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high rise Demolition Experts

With over two decades of experience in the industry, you can expect your project to run safely and smoothly with Bella. Our demolition contractors are among the best in the business—we tackle all of our demolition projects with care, employing architects, engineers, project managers, and demolition experts to give you the best service, every time.

These qualities have made Bella Contracting an industry leader in high-rise demolition projects. We tackle skyscraper projects of any size, in any location—we’ll be happy to take on your next project.

Demolition Services With Minimal Disturbances

High rises are typically located in intensely urbanized areas. The goal of high-rise and skyscraper demolition must be to limit disturbances to other businesses and the local population. 

Our demolition company uses a variety of tools and techniques to mitigate noise pollution, dust pollution, water pollution, and other disturbances. We’ve worked in major cities across the United States; our team always complies with local by-laws and noise ordinances when demolishing high rises. 


high rise demolition
high rise demo

Demolition work comes with inherent risks; this is especially true when demolishing high-rise buildings. The demolition process usually involves working in highly urbanized and densely populated areas; some risks come from falling debris and working high up.

Our demolition company has completed demolition projects for several high-rise buildings—and our process means that our workers, nearby buildings, and people passing by all stay completely safe. All of our projects are completed without injury or damage to surrounding property, and we mitigate the risk of pollution and environmental damage.

Our Process

Demolishing high-rise buildings requires careful planning, the use of a variety of demolition methods, and a skilled demolition crew. Here’s our process for demolishing high-rise buildings:


Planning the demolition: Our team of engineers, architects, and demolition experts will analyze the high rise, the surrounding area, the landscape, and several other factors to determine the right demolition techniques to use.


Securing the permits: Once the plan is complete, we will present them to the appropriate authorities to secure all necessary permits on your behalf.


Setting up the site: When the permits have been secured, we will begin setting up the site. Demolishing large structures is involved—we will install a variety of barriers to mitigate pollution, prevent damage, and more. We will begin to move equipment on-site.


Demolition: Depending on the project, we may use a wide variety of different controlled demolition techniques to demolish the high rise, including:

  • Building implosion
  • Selective demolition
  • Interior demolition
  • Top-to-bottom demolition—this is the most common type of high-rise demolition—it involves demolishing or deconstructing the building, starting from the top floor and working down.

Clean-up: Once the high-rise building is demolished, our team will clean up the site. We take care of debris removal on your behalf, recycling materials wherever possible.


Offering High-Reach Demolition Nationwide

As an industry leader in high-reach demolition, our demolition contractors offer high-rise demolition services throughout the United States. Currently, we are offering high-rise demolitions nationwide.

Wherever you are in the United States, Bella Demolition offers controlled demolition for high-rise buildings. We can help you tackle your next demolition project. 

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With over two decades of experience demolishing high-rise buildings throughout the United States, you can count on Bella Demolition and Contracting Services to handle every element of your next high-rise demolition project. We’re fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Get in touch with us today, and reap the benefits of a high-rise demolition project finished on time and on budget.

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Our team of construction & demolition professionals are always happy to speak with you and value your business. We are trained to handle any requests that you may have.

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