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High-Reach Demolition Services

High-reach demolition is a type of demolition using high-reach excavators fitted with demolition booms. The technique is commonly used in the primary demolition of high-rise buildings and wother tall structures.

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In high-reach demolition, a high-reach demolition boom is attached to an excavator to give it the strength and reach necessary to get to the highest floors of tall buildings. The demolition boom is then equipped with a variety of attachments. These attachments may include demolition shears, hydraulic hammers, pulverizers, and an adjustable attachment known as a multi-processor.

The goal of high-reach demolition is to provide a safe and effective method of demolishing tall structures without using explosives. High-reach demolition can limit noise and pollution, reduce the risk to contractors, and offer an effective middle ground between deconstruction and explosive demolition.

Advantages of High Reach Techniques

High-reach excavators provide several advantages over traditional demolition techniques for tall buildings, like wrecking ball demolition. Demolition can be performed with greater precision and a variety of attachments can be used on the excavator boom for different types of demolition work on the same building. Additionally, the high-reach demolition boom can be replaced with a shorter boom once the upper floors have been demolished. 

Bella Demolition and Contracting Services has over two decades of experience in high-reach demolition. Our team will determine whether or not high-reach demolition is the right solution for your next demolition project. Generally, we’ll use a combination of high-reach excavators, other heavy machinery demolition, and other demolition techniques like deconstruction or explosive demolition when tackling the demolition of a tall building.

High-reach demolition is the perfect tool for demolition jobs involving tall buildings—especially those requiring a greater emphasis on limiting pollution and noise. In densely populated or highly urbanized areas, high-reach demolition can help reduce safety risks and limit debris.

The entire concept of high-reach demolition revolves around tearing down upper floors while limiting the risks to people and property. Once the upper floors are removed, it can be easier to perform secondary demolition jobs safely and continue primary demolition using more traditional heavy equipment.

Our Process

High-reach demolition is a multi-stage process. Here are some of the steps that we take when approaching this type of demolition:


Site analysis: The first step is determining whether or not high-rise demolition is appropriate. Our team of engineers, architects, and demolition experts will analyze the building for fatigue points and ensure that it’s structurally sound enough to withstand high-rise demolition. We will also analyze the site and surrounding environment, taking into account pollution and noise by-laws. We will determine whether or not high-reach demolition, explosive demolition, deconstruction, or other forms of demolition are right for the job.



Planning the demolition: High-reach demolition is a multi-phased affair. Demolition experts will often need to switch between excavator attachments; they may need to swap from a hydraulic shear to a hydraulic breaker or another purpose-built attachment, adjust the size of the demolition boom, and more. Once the high-reach stage of demolition is completed, the high-reach demolition boom may be replaced with a smaller modular main boom. This only accounts for the high-reach phase of the demolition—several other pieces of heavy machinery, attachments, and tools may be used for the rest of the demolition process. With so many moving parts, planning is essential.


Setting up the site: The site will be carefully set up with barriers to mitigate pollution and noise, all while reducing the spread of debris.


Demolition: Once the site is set up, the demolition process will begin. The process will vary significantly depending on the job in question.


Clean-up: Once the work is complete, we handle debris removal, recycling, and other site clean-up.


High-reach demolition services offered Nationwide

By positioning ourselves as an industry leader in high-reach demolition, we’ve secured contracts for high-reach demolition across the United States. No matter where you are in the country, Bella is the name to remember when it comes to dismantling and demolishing tall buildings. 

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For jobs where a high-reach demolition boom is the best option—especially jobs with stricter regulation, like those in highly urbanized environments—call Bella Demolition and Contracting Services. Our fleets feature excavators that can be equipped with a high-reach demolition boom—and a crew of some of the best excavator operators in the world to use them.

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