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Oil Refinery & Chemical Plant Demolition Services

Decommissioning and demolishing a chemical plant presents a number of unique challenges, from handling hazardous waste to environmental remediation. The team at Bella Contracting Services can handle every element of chemical plant decommissioning and demolition.

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Decommissioning for Demolition

Refineries and chemical plants contain hazardous waste and materials; during the decommissioning process, chemicals must be classified, removed, stored, and then disposed of properly. Careful planning is needed for chemical plant decommissioning—chemicals need to be handled, sampled, tested, and stored in special containers. These activities need to be carefully logged; there’s a lot of paperwork involved to keep up with environmental regulations. Our team will remove liquid and solid waste, all while complying with these regulations.

Materials Handling

The decontamination process can vary significantly depending on the types of chemicals present in a given piece of equipment. At times, chemicals can be washed away; other times, heating, chemical treatment, or mechanical treatment are needed. Decontamination may occur in several stages—primary decontamination may occur before the dismantling of a piece of equipment, after which secondary decontamination may occur.

Our team takes care of the entire decontamination process, eliminating hazardous chemicals while the plant and its equipment are being decommissioned.

The team at Bella is fully equipped with personal protective equipment to deal with dangerous materials; our team members are also trained in asbestos abatement and handling other high-risk materials. Working with trusted chemical waste management companies, we store, label, test, and ship chemicals to be disposed of.

Chemical plants present many safety issues that are not present in a standard demolition process. Typical risks brought on by chemical plant demolition range from chemical spills to volatile chemical explosions. The safety standards for chemical plant demolition are much more stringent as a result.

The team at Bella does everything possible to decrease these risks. We send samples of chemicals to be tested to ensure that they’re properly labeled and shipped. We do a thorough site analysis so we can mitigate any runoff, limiting the contamination of waterways. We use dismantling techniques instead of demolition techniques whenever it can limit the risk of contamination.

The removal of any hazards is our top priority before demolition work begins. Before and during demolition, our team wears appropriate personal protective equipment. We go above and beyond safety standards to ensure the project is completed without incident.

Our Process

We use a multi-phase approach for all of our chemical plant services to ensure the safety of all parties and the successful completion of the project. Here are some of the steps we take before any project:


Site analysis: We do a complete analysis of the site, assessing the construction of the chemical plant. We locate hazardous materials like asbestos, lead paint, volatile chemicals, toxic chemicals like polychlorinated biphenyls, and more. We evaluate the impact the demolition work might have on nearby structures, assess the landscape and how runoff and pollution could affect waterways and the local community, and more.


Creating a plan: Once the site has been assessed, we work with architects, engineers, and demolition experts to create a safe, effective chemical plant demolition plan. This plan will include a complete decommissioning and decontamination strategy, with safety measures to protect our team and prevent pollution, all while ensuring environmental compliance. Our demolition plan will also include noise reduction measures; for demolitions of select structures while the plant remains in operation, we will plan to use techniques that minimize business disruptions.

Decommissioning & decontamination: In this phase, we remove hazardous chemicals and materials, working with a waste transport service and complying with federal regulations to safely remove any contaminants. We will also remove storage tanks, equipment, and other assets after decontaminating them, deconstructing them for scrap or selling them to help you recover costs.

Demolishing the chemical plant: Using explosives, heavy machinery, and deconstruction techniques, we demolish the structures in the chemical plant that are slated for demolition—all while keeping buildings that must remain operational, safe.

Once the buildings have been demolished, we will clean up the site, recycling materials, clearing debris, handling waste disposal, and more. We can help with site restoration and remediation once demolition activities are completed.

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