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Airport Demolition Services

Airport demolition is complex—you need a contractor who can coordinate between diverse stakeholders, with the experience needed to safely and securely demolish a variety of different structures. Bella Demolition and Contracting Services fits the bill—we’re the perfect contractor for your airport demolition project.

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Experience Working With the Aerospace Industry

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Bella Demolition and Contracting Services has the tools and techniques you need for airport demolition. Whether you’re adopting a phased approach to demolition to keep some services active, or you’re looking for complete demolition after closing an airport, we can help.

Our team has worked with private companies and government agencies. We accept RFQs and RFPs for public airport demolition projects, as well as bidding for private demolition projects. No airport is too big or too small for Bella. 

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No two airport demolition projects are exactly the same. Our services include demolition for every element of the airport, from the terminal to runways, control towers, hangars, and other structures. 

We understand the importance of quarantining the demolition process, especially when a phased approach is being used. From controlling foreign object debris (FOD) with barriers, fencing, and netting to limiting noise, we will dismantle or demolish structures with minimal disruption to the rest of the airport.

Every airport demolition project comes with security concerns. Public airports need contractors to pass through several levels of clearance in order to perform any work; the safety and security of passengers and staff are a top priority. 

Our demolition team is prepared to undergo comprehensive background checks, obtain any security credentials necessary, and work with local, state, and federal agencies like the TSA to maintain the high level of security needed to perform work at a public airport.

Our Proven Safety Record

With any airport demolition project, safety is our top priority. Our airport demolition services start with a comprehensive analysis of the site, the work that must be performed, and any safety and security risks that may be present. The safety of staff, passengers, and property is considered at every step of the demolition process.

From using barriers and nets to eliminate the risk of FOD to using selective demolition to reduce the spread of debris and to limit noise, the team at Bella Demolition and Contracting Services knows how to demolish an airport safely. Whether you only need one structure demolished, or you’re rebuilding the entire airport from the ground up, piece by piece, we’ll keep everyone safe.


Our Process

The process for airport demolition depends heavily on the size and scope of the project. Here are some of the steps we take for each airport demolition project:


Planning the demolition: Our team of engineers, architects, and demolition experts will analyze the structure or structures you need to be demolished, the surrounding area, the impact demolition may have on nearby structures or runways and the types of demolition we can use.



Securing the permits, security clearances, and more: With a plan in place, our team will secure all of the necessary permits and security clearances, and take any other steps necessary to meet legal and regulatory requirements before demolition begins.


Setting up the site: With the permits secured, we will begin setting up the site. Site setup is typically very involved, and will vary significantly depending on the scope of the project.


Demolition: Depending on the project, we may use a wide variety of different controlled demolition techniques to demolish structures at the airport.


Clean-up: We handle clean-up, debris removal, and recycling.



Offering Aerospace and Airport Demolition Services Nationwide

Whether the job is big or small, Bella Demolition and Contracting Services can help with partial or total demolition of airports. Wherever you are in the country, Bella Contracting Services offers airport demolition services tailored to your needs.

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When you need airport demolition services, we can help. With security and safety at the forefront, we can offer phased or total demolition for your airport. We have the experience to demolish terminals, control towers, hangars, and more. Get in touch with the professionals at Bella Demolition and Contracting Services today.

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Our team of construction & demolition professionals are always happy to speak with you and value your business. We are trained to handle any requests that you may have.

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