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Nationwide Concrete Demolition

When you need to demolish concrete, there’s one name to remember: Bella Contracting Services. We offer concrete demolition services throughout the United States. Whether you’re tearing up a road or freeway, we can help.

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Experts in Pavement Demolition

Bella Contracting, with over two decades of expertise in the field, stands out as a leading authority in asphalt demolition of roadways. This seasoned team combines the precision of time-honed skills with the latest in demolition technology, ensuring every project is approached with a blend of efficiency and thoroughness. 


From expansive mechanical demolition, to hydrodemolition, we’ve got the tools and the know-how to get the job done right. Safety is our top priority, and we’re committed to executing each project in a manner that’s both efficient and thorough. Trust us to bring our specialized knowledge and equipment to your next concrete demolition project, making the process smooth and stress-free.

Whether you need a parking garage demolished or a pavement roadway, Bella’s 20 years of experience makes us a leader in concrete demolition.

Whether you’re looking at a concrete slab foundation or concrete walls that are fifty stories high, determining whether damaged concrete should be repaired or demolished is always the first step. There are a few signs that a concrete building should be demolished, rather than repaired:

  • The structural integrity of the concrete is compromised by deep cracks or other flaws.
  • The cost of repairing the concrete will exceed the cost of demolition, especially over a short period of time.
  • The building or road no longer meets environmental or functional standards.

Our Proven Safety Record

When you hire a company to demolish concrete, keeping everyone safe is your top priority.

We understand—safety is our top priority, too. Anytime we demolish a concrete surface, we do so using some of the best demolition experts in the country. All of our team members are highly trained; they use personal protective equipment and state-of-the-art techniques to mitigate the risk of damage to people and property.

concrete demolition

Hydrodemolition offers another layer of precision and safety, especially on road projects where preserving the structural integrity of nearby sections is crucial.

This method uses high-pressure water jets to remove deteriorated concrete, providing a clean, precise cut that avoids unnecessary damage to reinforcing bars. An added advantage of hydrodemolition is that it leaves a rough surface, perfect for the bonding of new materials.

controlled blasting

Our approach to controlled blasting has evolved to ensure a highly efficient process that minimizes vibration and noise. Ideal for larger sections of road demolition, this technique employs small, controlled explosions to break the concrete into manageable pieces.

While not always suitable for densely populated areas, controlled blasting can significantly speed up project timelines in more remote locations.

controlled blasting

Our Process

We use a multi-phase approach for all of our concrete demolition services to ensure the safety of all parties and the successful completion of the project. Here are some of the steps we take before any project:


Site analysis: We do a complete analysis of the site, assessing the strength of the concrete, and determining how demolition could affect the people and property surrounding the site, evaluating the landscape and how runoff and pollution could affect waterways and the local community, and more.


Creating a plan: Once the site has been assessed, we work with architects, engineers, and demolition experts to create a safe, effective concrete removal and demolition plan. 


Setting up the site: To increase safety, we may install barriers, nets, and other structures to catch debris, dust, concrete pieces, and pollutants, all while keeping our demolition experts safe and reducing noise.  


Demolition and clean-up: Using heavy machinery, and deconstruction techniques, we demolish the concrete. Hydraulic breakers, and other heavy machinery may be used.


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The team at Bella Contracting Services is currently accepting requests for proposals for concrete demolition. We will prepare formal bid documents, secure permits, and handle any other work needed to begin the demolition process. Contact us today

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Our team of construction & demolition professionals are always happy to speak with you and value your business. We are trained to handle any requests that you may have.

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