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Commercial Demolition Services

Bella Contracting Services offers commercial demolition services throughout the United States, including high-rise demolition, specialty demolition, and partial demolition. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, you can trust Bella to tackle commercial demolition projects of any size, in any location.

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selective demolition

Selective demolition is used when only part of a building needs to be demolished; it’s also known as partial demolition. A property owner might opt for selective demolition work when they want to preserve parts of a historical structure when they’re renovating, remodeling, or adding a new wing to a structure, or in other circumstances where complete demolition is unnecessary. 

Heavy equipment, specialized tools for cutting through sections of buildings, and machinery fitted with tools designed for deconstruction are all commonly used in the selective demolition process. As with complete demolition, hazardous material abatement is often necessary before selective demolition begins.

Complete Demolition

Complete demolition is the total removal of a structure from the property. There are several different techniques used in complete demolition, including:

  • High-reach demolition
  • Heavy machinery demolition
  • Deconstruction and dismantling
  • Explosive demolition
  • And more
commercial demolition usa

Several permits are needed to demolish commercial properties—these permits ensure that the demolition plan is compliant with local by-laws. We pride ourselves on our high safety standards, our knowledge of local laws, and our careful planning process. Before we begin any job, we secure all of the necessary demolition permits on our client’s behalf. 

Site Clean-Up and Remediation

Once we’ve demolished your building, our demolition company will take care of site clean-up and remediation. This process may include:

  • Debris removal
  • Hazardous material disposal
  • Sorting and processing materials, including recycling
  • Clearing dust and other particulate from the site
  • Soil testing and remediation
  • Water treatment and run-off management
  • Leveling, grading, and preparing the site for reuse

Site remediation begins at the first step of the demolition process. We carefully plan all of our activities to mitigate pollution, reduce the amount of clean-up necessary, and eliminate potential sources of contamination. 

selective demolition orange ny

Whether we’re demolishing a building with high-reach excavators, wrecking balls, explosives, or handheld tools, safety is always the top priority during every part of the demolition process. From site analysis to clean-up, the team at Bella Contracting Services does everything possible to ensure the safety of people and property in every one of our commercial demolition projects. 

We go above and beyond what’s required by OSHA regulations and local by-laws to keep everyone safe.

Our Process

The commercial demolition process varies significantly from building to building, but every complete demolition project will involve these steps:


Site analysis: We do a complete analysis of the site, assessing the building and its weak points, potential environmental hazards and hazardous materials, the space available on site, the landscape, the surrounding area, and more.


Creating a plan: Working with engineers, architects, and demolition experts, we create a comprehensive plan for the safe demolition of the building. At this stage, we determine which types of demolition will be used—many commercial buildings require a multi-phased approach.


Setting up the site: To mitigate pollution and increase safety, we may install barriers, nets, and other structures to catch debris, dust, and pollutants, all while keeping our demolition experts safe and reducing noise. We will move and set up some heavy machinery, explosives, or other tools.


Demolishing the structure: Using deconstruction, dismantling, and demolition techniques, we demolish the commercial building.


Clean-up: Once the building is demolished, we will clean up the site, including recycling materials, clearing debris, waste disposal, and more.


Offering Commercial Building Demolition Nationwide

Bella Contracting offers commercial demolition throughout the United States. Wherever you are in the country, Bella Contracting Services offers commercial demolition services tailored to your needs.

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With over two decades of experience demolishing commercial buildings of all kinds throughout the United States, you can count on Bella Contracting Services to handle every element of your demolition project. We’re fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Get in touch with us today!

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